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Mission Statement
The Tanaduk Botanical Research Institute

The Tanaduk Botanical Research Institute was established to support the preservation of the ancient art of Tibetan and traditional Himalayan Medicine. The intention is to conserve the botanicals used in Tibetan Medicine by cultivating them and the societies they live in, both in their native habitat and on conservation sites in the West. In addition, research is conducted on all phases of the botanicals used:  from planting, to harvesting, to their efficacy when used in medicinal formulas. Following is the mission statement of the Institute.

The purpose of the Tanaduk Botanical Research Institute is to establish a collaborative platform for conserving and researching medicinal herbs in the Himalayan region; specifically those used for centuries in traditional Tibetan medicines. These medicines are now at risk of becoming endangered and lost forever by deforestation and over-harvesting. The aim is to initiate projects for the conservation and replanting of vital botanicals, as well as for the research and development of medicinal formulations. The program goals are to establish a repertoire of endangered and widely used plants of the Himalayan and Tibetan traditional medical systems on Orcas Island, Washington (U.S.A.). This would aid in medicinal plant research and conservation efforts to better understand and document the clinical function of plants used in Tibetan Medicine, and to research and develop these traditional medicines for future use so they can be integrated as a valuable component of worldwide healthcare.

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